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Design & Quality

Smart Battery Terminal makes it possible to replace terminals in-situ one by one as they corrode, rather than having to remove all the cables and cable ties for sufficient access to do a proper job. It is suitable for haulage, mining, agriculture, marine, off-roading and recreational touring or any other applications with multi-battery setup or numerous electrical accessories.

Design & Quality

Designed and made in Australia, from high quality brass. The terminal is designed to fit both positive and negative battery posts. The adjustable saddle has the added advantage of being able to be inverted to accommodate cable from 8.5mm to 17mm thick. The Smart Battery Terminal is supplied with a longer bolt and an extra nut to allow connection of additional battery accessories i.e. driving lights, winches.

Smart Battery Terminal is capable of revolutionising the way people connect multiple batteries and electrical accessories. It also eliminates the temptation for risky on-vehicle soldering in the potential vicinity of battery gases, so makes the process much safer. Using a Smart Battery Terminal can result in cutting the time and effort of the repairer meaning a possible 3-hour job could be cut in half, if not less.

Fits Positive & Negative posts

Terminal fits both positive & negative battery posts

No Soldering

Eliminates risk of exploding battery gas

Quicker installation & turn around time

In-line batteries

Designed for in-line batteries


  • Recessed cavity to eliminate head of bolt turning
  • Thicker walls for more strength and better connection on battery terminal
  • Longer bolt & extra nut for ability to add more battery accessories
  • Saddle can be reversed to fit smaller cable
  • Higher & shaper barbs for extra bite and better connection
  • Phillips head bolts to make it easier to line up with battery drill
  • Adjustable cavity for larger cable from 8.5mm to 17mm

The Problem... Our Solution

Are you faced with the following problems and need a quick fix?
Smart Battery Terminal is the solution for you.

Corroded Terminal

Corroded Cable

Slow & Tedious Installations


The Solution

Smart Battery Terminal

Simple as... 1...2...3!


Corroded Terminal


Remove Corrosion & Prepare Cable


Attach Smart Battery Terminal

** Correct battery terminal maintenance must be adhered to. Correct tension on all bolts (Saddle Bolt must not exceed 8Nm. Clamp Bolt must not exceed 14Nm). Terminal must be adjusted with correct tooling. Battery cable must be secured correctly (cable must be secured firmly between terminal and saddle) **

It's That Easy!!

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